• High capacity battery test bench (60-1000V, ±800 A, 800 kW)
  • Electrical components test bench (24 kW / 60 V)
  • Climate chamber (52 m3, -30 / 70 °C, hygrometry setup)
  • Real time simulator and controller for network and electrical components
  • Facilities for hydrogen fuel cell
  • Simulation an control design software


  • Characterization of electrical and electrochemical performance of batteries in extreme environmental conditions
  • Characterization of components performance (converters, batteries, super capacities)
  • Design and validation of BMS (Battery Management System) and EMS (Energy Management System) algorithms for systems and network
  • Ageing battery studies
  • Functional and non-functional testing of components in a simulated real time environment (HiL approach)

Example of MRE applications

  • High capacity battery cycling
  • Development of energy management algorithms for tidal systems
  • Storage sizing and management for insular micro-grid with EMR production