• Large scale shielded housing (9 m x 6 m x 4 m)
  • Cooperative robots moving with high precision and high repeatability
  • 225 kV micro-focus X-ray generator
  • Different detectors : high scale (400 x 400 mm), high resolution (50 µm pixel size), multi-spectral (material discrimination)
  • Image processing and 3D reconstruction algorithms
  • Simulation software for control optimization


  • 3D non-destructive inspection and testing
  • Novel means to image, control and monitor large and/or complex parts
  • Acquisition adapted to the studied object (reduction of the times of acquisition, strong swelling on zone of interest)
  • Support for further developments of manufacturing technologies and emerging processes (composite, metal, assembly)
  • Detection of typical defects like inclusion or porosity, welding defects or delamination, Fatigue or environment tests

Example of MRE applications

  • Non-destructive characterization of sections wind turbines blades of significant size for the development of innovating manufacturing processes
  • Non-destructive characterization of EMR parts between two cycles of ageing or tests. Analysis of the evolution of the internal defects.
  • Inspection of radomes, complex structures