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Being a member of OPIN is required to attend the Annual Symposium.


Symposium Schedule:

OPIN Project Introduction

The Symposium will open with an Introductory session on OPIN’s aims and objectives, and the ways that OPIN will support members.

CIG Introduction and Challenges

The symposium will then move on to a session Collaborative Innovation Groups (CIGs). CIGs are clusters of SMEs, working with research entities or large companies to solve problems identified as barriers to the ocean energy sector. This session will showcase the CIG concept and demonstrate how CIGs can meet the needs of the ocean energy sector and it’s supply chain. Technical experts from the OPIN project partners will highlight CIG challenges that could be tackled under the call and provide examples of CIG formed to address them.

Break-out Session

A Break-out Session will provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss their specific interest in the challenges highlighted in the previous session. These discussions will be guided by a technical expert from the project and will develop ideas for CIGs that could be formed to tackle these issues.

CIG Application Process

The final CIG session will focus on the CIG application process, highlighting the eligibility criteria for groups and how successful applicates will be selected.

Question and Answers

A Question and Answers session will provide an opportunity for dialogue and consultation between symposiums attendees and the project coordinators on all aspects of the OPIN Project.

Future OPIN Workshops and Events

The symposium will close with a session highlighting upcoming workshops and masterclasses. All OPIN workshops and masterclasses will include a session where CIGs based on the workshop topic can be discussed.


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