Scientific advances and innovation

Floating wind turbine simulators mainly use aerodynamic solvers based on stationary flow formulations. The dynamic behavior of these structures makes these approaches inappropriate for a certain number of design loading cases and in particular when the rotor is heavily loaded. The DOMTEM project aims to implement an unsteady aerodynamic solver based on a free vortex formulation being able to take into account the different non-stationary effects linked to the dynamic behavior of floating wind turbines.

Expected technical and economic impact

Develop advanced design tools to provide services through design engineering.

Key project milestones

  • March 2020 - Project Kick-off
  • March 2021 - End of the project


  • Full encapsulation of AerodYn completed
  • Development of a free vortex wake solver
  • Parallelization of the calculation of the induction
  • Assessment of the capability of the free vortex wake solver for simulating interactions between several Flettner rotors