The Pays de la Loire Region faces important metal workers shortage partly due to dynamic shipyards: in 2015, the metallurgy  occupations represented around 31 800 employees  and 5232 interim workers.

The current trend is to employ skilled workers with fixed-term contracts :

Metallurgy and metalworking

In 2016, 6 out of 10 occupations were difficult to fill in the region. The  recruitment difficulties mainly concern  the occupations related to the shaping of metal ( machining, forming, cutting, deformation, assembly). There is also a skill shortage in  welding occupations.

With the rising of the MREs, these needs may be accentuated. All the more that metal occupations are not considered as attractive among young people.

This  issue has to be tackled in order not to geopardize the developpment of marine renewable energies in the Pays de  la Loire Region. Indeed, metal working skills are required to manufacture and maintain marine renewable structures, such as offshore wind turbines.

In this perspective, WEAMEC plan to participate to the promotion of metalworking occupations, especially among young people.


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