Ørsted and two Danish pension funds (PFA and PKA) completed the project to enlarge the existing Walney offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea, 19 km off the island of Walney.

The existing Walney farm has been operational since 2012 with a capacity of 367.2 MW.

The project consisted of two extensions, a western extension (WOW03) and an eastern extension (WOW04), with the following characteristics:

  • a total power of approximately 660 MW to provide the electricity for 600,000 households
  • 40 MHI Vestas turbines (V164-8.0) of 8 MW, optimized for 8, 25 MW  (WOW03 extension)
  • 47 Siemens Gamesa 7 MW turbines (WOW04 extension)
  • 2 electric substations, one for each extension
  • 2 independent 220 kV electrical systems
  • both extensions cover a total area of ​​145 square kilometre


Time line


The Crown Estate is granting a 50-year lease on the “round 2” for the installation of the Walney offshore wind farm.


Walney wind farm  is operational.

October 2015

After obtaining the necessary authorizations and securing its supply chain, Dong Energy affirms its desire to build the two extensions of the Walney wind farm.

December 2015

The WOW03 west extension is built first: MHI Vesta Offshore Wind is in charge of building the V164-8.0 turbines. The order includes a five-year service including ensuring optimum turbine performance.

August 2017

MHI Vestas turbines start their energy production. This energy supplies the national electricity grid.

January 2018

The first three Siemens Gamesa 7 MW turbines are installed.

September 2018

The complete extension of the Walney wind farm is officially inaugurated.

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