Training content

Module 8- Electrical design for Offshore wind nd grid connection:

  • Introduction: evolution of the offshore wind energy/tidal energy
  • Principle of power extraction
  • Components of a energy chain of offshore wind energy / tidal energy
  • Technological processes (Systems with fixed speed or variable speed)
  • Synchronous generators (Principles, characteristics and functioning in permanent regime)
  • Asynchronous generators (Principles, characteristics and operating in permanent regime)
  • Power electronics (converters AC/DC, DC/AC, Pulse width modulation)
  • Associations between converters and electric machines
  • Modelling of a wind or tidal system with variable speed
  • Control of a conversion chain and MPPT strategies
  • Electrical substation (Architectures and issues)
  • Dynamic Umbilical Cables (state of the art and related research)
  • Integration into the electricity grid: export cable, grid codes, energy quality and participation in system services

Specific contribution to MRE

The module “Electrical design and connection” will enable you to fully understand the conversion chain from the resource to the electricity grid and to communicate with MRE electrical exeprts.

Professional skills

At the end of the training you will be able to:

  • to analyze the basic principle of an energy conversion chain dedicated to MRE,
  • understand the technological developments of offshore wind turbines in terms of generators and control,
  • understand the role of electronics power converters in the energy conversion chain,
  • to understand the issues of the connection to the power grid (cables, grid code, network service, …).