Training content

Module 1 – Offshore technologies / MRE overview:

Context of the resource and the technico-economic environment.

Experience feedback of the offshore petroleum industry:

Petroleum industry and MRE: which similarities and specificities?

  • Fixed and floating platforms.

MRE Technologies:

Fixed and floating wind turbines, tidal energy, wave energy, ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC).

Transverse subjects:

Marine operations and maintenance

Order of magnitude of costs and principles of the economic models

Criteria of evaluation :

Upstream test (knowledge test)

Downstream test (skills validation, progress formalizing)

Specific contribution to MRE

The module “Offshore technologies – MRE overview” will allow you to understand the most adapted technologies to a maritime site and an objective of power production.

Professional skills

At the end of the training you will be able to:

  • to understand the technological and commercial maturity of the various MRE systems,
  • to perceive the design, installation and maintenance challenges,
  • to propose the most relevant technologies for a maritime site.