Training content

Module 4- Wave,wind current -Data entry for MRE systems design basis:

1. Description of the characteristics of the marine environment for MRE:

  • Wave, current, wind : physic, characterisation parameters

2. Prediction at short and long term for the design:

  • In-situ data: acquisition, treatment, databases
  • Numerical model for statistical prediction at short and long term
  • determinist numerical models for wind, wave and current propagation

3. Specification content of environmental data:

  • Example for a specification in offshore oil&gas
  • Example for the specification of the Floatgen project in SEM-REV

4. Use of the environmental data for a project:

  • Extreme environment conditions
  • Load cases for the lifetime predictions
  • Operations at sea predictions

5. Bases:

  • Guidance from the regulations standards : API, DNV, BV
  • Available data bases
  • Existing courses : ECN, University, …
  • Feedbacks from previous projects

Specific contribution to MRE

The module “Wave, wind, current – Data entry for MRE systems design basis”  will enable you to predict the resource (wind, current, swell) and use this data for the optimal design of the energy recovery system and its robustness in severe environment.

Professional skills

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • understand the methods of formatting the ocean-weather data and how to acquire them
  • interpret ocean-wether data
  • understand the methods of characterization the most relevant for a project in a given site.