Training content

Module 2 – Maritime law and MRE law program gets organized around 4 topics:

  • maritime zoning: status and legal status of different zones
  • French law on MRE and recent developments
  • MRE systems insurance issues
  • safety and security of offshore wind facilities, and navigation within the parks


Specific contribution to MRE

The training will allow you to identify and explain the basis of the applicable regulations in the field of the law of the sea and MRE, and to identify the issues related to the safety, security, and insurances of MRE systems.

The presentations are as interactive as possible in order to allow exchanges.

Professional skills

At the end of the training you will be able:

  • to distinguish the different maritime zones and the corresponding legal regimes,
  • to identify the competent authorities in each zone and to integrate legal issues related to the development of human activities at sea,
  • to understand the rules of the French legislation for the installation of offshore wind farms and to know the recent evolutions,
  • to understand the issues related to the insurance of EMR projects and the main safety / security rules for offshore wind farms.