After a brief introduction on the Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) by WEAMEC, the in-depth presentations from INNOSEA, ORE Catapult, Nexans, Kraken Subsea Solutions and Centrale Nantes/SEM-REV covered all stages of a dynamic cable system: design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and dismantling.

The 35 attendees selected for this free masterclass on Dynamic cables were mainly SMEs from the international OPIN network. A wide variety of company profiles was represented: offshore renewables technology developers, project developers, engineering consultancies and components providers.

The masterclass  “Dynamic cables” was organized by WEAMEC as part of the OPIN project, financially supported by Interreg North West Europe.



  • 35 participants from 12 countries (France, UK, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, etc.).
  • 5 speakers



Feedback from the attendees

  • Excellent course. Great mix of high level overview and specific detail. Suitable for both experienced cable designers and also less experienced people with other backgrounds.
  • Speakers all had a very good knowledge of the subject and were open to all questions.