A Roadmap defined by the Wind energy community

The ETIPWind Roadmap have been built by the wind energy community (industry, political stakeholders, research institutions).

It sets out how we can target Research & Innovation to de-risk technology development and accelerate this large-scale deployment of cost-competitive wind energy and support the existing European supply chains. This Roadmap targets both Onshore and Offshore Wind.

The priorities have been built on the recommendations from the 2018 ETIPWind Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda.

The Roadmap is defined by 5 technological pillars for Research & Innovation and one pillar on Human Ressource:


For each of these 6 pillars a booklet details the identified challenges and the recommended research actions. You can access to this booklet here:




Research and Innovation priorities full table

All the identified challenges have been sorted in an interactive table by pillars, priority and term.

You can access this interactive table bellow and get the full description of each priority when selecting one.

A dedicated pillar for Floating Offshore Wind:

The ETIPWind roadmap dedicated a pillar for floating offshore wind with:

5 challenges identified as High priority:

2 challenges identified as Medium priority:

1 challenge identified as Low priority: