In June 2018, Catapult Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE Catapult) opened a provision of data from the Levenmouth demonstrator. The offshore wind demonstrator is located in Fife, East of Scotland.

This service called Platform for Operational Data (POD) provides access to a dataset such as:

  • 7 MW Levenmouth turbine data: SCADA time series, alarms and events
  • metal mast data
  • grid data
  • electrical substation data

This service is intended for all actors, large and small companies, academics and researchers, involved in research or innovation projects in offshore wind and who need to develop their understanding of the functioning and behavior of offshore structures in real conditions.

Access to these data should facilitate the validation of models, methodologies or analyzes based on the exploitation of data.

The validation of models, methodologies and analyzes can serve the development of new technologies and services aiming at reducing the costs of exploitation and maintenance of offshore wind systems.

In August 2018, the demonstrator obtained an extension of the authorization of exploitation. therefore, the site should be active until 2029.

Eventually, the service will include data from other British demonstrators.

Time line

February 2015

Publication of the Cost Reduction Monitoring Framework (CRMF) report by ORE Catapult and the Crown Estate.

July 2015

ORE catapult is seeking to acquire the Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) 7 MW offshore wind turbine prototype to conduct research aiming the optimisation of maintenance and the reduction of related costs.

December 2015

ORE Catapult acquired the 7 MW SHI wind turbine. This demonstrator will be used by the academic and industrial world in UK to  improve the training and development of skills across the entire value chain.

February 2016

Inauguration of the SHI-7 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Demonstrator in Levenmouth.

June 2018

Opening of the Platform for Operational Data (POD) service created for industries, universities and research communities.

August 2018

ORE Catapult obtains an extension of the demonstrator’s operating license. According to ORE Catapult, the current value of ongoing projects is greater than 11 million BPG.

October 2018

ORE Catapult and Bureau Veritas aim to develop a “Digital Twin” for the Levenmouth demonstration wind turbine.

This interactive digital “twin” wind turbine will integrate SCADA data, post-processed monitoring data and  inspection data.

It will create a 3D representation of the wind turbine enabling the analysis and optimisation of operating and maintenance decisions.

Photo credit: ORE Catapult

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