Next year, Normandy will bring its local content and expertise whereas BlueSign will bring its network and experience through the organization of Seanergy, to put France on the forefront and to build the prestigious international event on ocean energy.

Held since 2006, ICOE gathers 600 to 900 experts, more than 100 high-level speakers about a hundred exhibitors every two years: in 2016, 25 countries were represented. This conference aims at gathering stakeholders from the sector of ocean energies (tidal, wave, salinity gradient, ocean thermal energies) and sharing the most recent experiences on research and technological demonstration. It is supported by the International Energy Agency (IEA) through Ocean Energy Systems (OES).

Seanergy – the largest event on Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) in Europe – brought together in 2016, 3,500 experts and professionals, 220 exhibitors from 15 countries and helped organizing more than 800 business meetings. 40 renowned speakers shared the latest reflections, developments and innovations during high level conferences. The complementarity of these two events aims to combine scientific content and business opportunities in order to:

  • Disseminate recent technical experiences and demonstration from MRE research
  • generate business for companies of the MRE sector
  • promote the economic and societal dimension of MRE
  • attract young people to work in the MRE field

More information to come in the next months.

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