Characteristics FORMOSA 1 & 2



  • 15 to 30 meters dephts
  • two Siemens SWT -4.0-120 wind turbines of 4 MW each


  • 20 Siemens SWT-6.0 -154 wind turbines of 6 MW each
  • total capacity of 120 MW
  • connection to the grid by 33 kv electric cables


  • Park under development of a power> 350 MW.


October 2016

Both wind turbines are installed on the site.

April 2017

Commissioning of phase 1 of the Formosa offshore wind farm.

April 2018

The Formosa 2 offshore wind farm project has also been selected by the Taiwanese government.

This Formosa 2 project will have a capacity of between 378 and 736 MW produced by turbines of 6.5 to 9 MW.

September 2018

Phase 2 of the first Formosa offshore wind farm  has started.

April 2019

Formosa 1 phase 2 is on process with the transportation of the first wind turbine components to Taichung Port. The 75-meter blades and tower sections, respectively from Aalborg (Denmark) and Phu My (Vietnam), have already been delivered. A third vessel carrying the 378-tonne nacelles from Cuxhaven (Germany) is on its way to Taichung.
Phase 2 should be operational by 2020.

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