WEAMEC ​​international strategy must focus on strategic development areas based on the pre-existing forces of the ecosystem, which need to be strengthened :


Following the discussions held during WEAMEC workshops, the 7 structural partnerships to focus on have been validated. The identified partners are involved at different levels in the three themes structuring the WEAMEC international strategy:

  • Denmark : DTU Wind, Aalborg University et DanWEC
  • Scotland: Edinburgh University associated with EMEC and Flowave
  • Germany: Fraunhofer IWES & IEE with Kiel University, Stuttgart University, FORWIND and TU Darmstadt
  • Ireland : MaREI (Marine Renewable Energy Ireland) including Cork University, NUI Galway, University College Dublin, University College Cork / Beaufort Building (including LiR / National Ocean Test Facility)
  • Norway : SINTEF Group, including 7 institutes including MARINTEK and associated with NTNU / Trondheim
  • Portugal : WavEC Offshore Renewables.
  • USA: The Massachusetts ecosystem including the NorthEastern University, and beyond for a country in full development of a new global market.

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