Read the New projects granted in the WEAMEC’s 3rd Call for Research Projects

ASAPE: Add-on Systems for wind turbine performance improvement

“Add-on” are small devices added locally on wind turbine blades to improve both energy performance and reduce fatigue aging. The originality of the project is to develop a dynamic systems able to take into account in real time the fluctuations of the wind, by coupling systems of measurements of the air flow incident on the blade (e-penons) and actuators by jets of air to locally change the flow on the blade.

Partners: Centrale Nantes / LHEEA, CSTB, Mer Agitée (PME Bretonne), VALOREM (PME implantée en Région pays de la Loire), EDF.




Modeling of the Coupling between diffusion of WATER and mechanical behavior of COMPosites materials to better anticipate the aging of these materials in marine environment.

Partners: Université de Nantes / GEM, ENSAM Angers, Naval Group et Naval Energies.

Project co-financed by WEAMEC and the Office of Naval Research.


Dynamic analysis of an offshore wind turbine taking into account the soil-foundation-structure interaction. The DYNA project focuses on the dynamic analysis of the soil – monopile – structure system using the finite element method and considering wave and wind loads with their dynamic and random nature.

Partners: Université de Nantes / GEM et IREENA, IFSTTAR, Centrale Nantes / LHEEA, INNOSEA (PME ligérienne) et GEOTEC (PME ligérienne).


Numerical models for evaluating the control optimization strategy of wind farms and tidal turbines. The objective of ECOSFARM project is to set-up a generic numerical simulation tool for the evaluation of control strategies, both for offshore wind farms, floating offshore wind farms and tidal turbine farms.

Partners: Centrale Nantes / LHEEA, Université de Nantes / IREENA, D-ICE (PME ligérienne).


Since 2016, these calls for research projects have involved about twenty institutions or academic laboratory research in Pays de la Loire, about twenty SMEs developing innovative technologies, mostly regional, which will integrate the results of these projects in their future products or service offerings, a dozen of large end user groups that will open the markets and also benefit from these advances. Under the aegis of WEAMEC, all the academic and industrial partners of the projects meet every six months to channel the efforts on proven industrial needs of today or tomorrow.

The “Research” fund is jointly funded by the Pays de la Loire Region and CARENE (Saint-Nazaire).